Silverware Restoration
We Repair, Silverplate & Manufacture

"Restore you heirlooms to their former glory!"

We have over 30 years experience in the manufacture, repair and plating of silverware items.
We repair Robur Challenge Perfect Tea Pots - re-silver smooth out dents, polish and re-solder or tighten hinges if necessary - breathe life back into an old Australian Antique favourite.
We can also supply New Silverplated Modern cages to fit all sizes of Robur Challenge Teapots.
Small cage that fits both small and medium teapots
rrp is $198.00 Our Price $185.00
Large cage that fits the medium and rarer large Robur Challenge Teapots rrp is $265.00 Our Price$245.00
Once you place order it may take a couple of weeks to get the item.

Also Specialising in re-silvering of Antiques & EPNS, Silverware, cutlery, entree dishes, trays, tea & coffee pots, candelabra's, jewellery boxes, jewellery and more.
Phone us and ask - we will tell you whether or not it is a viable option to repair items depending on condition, age and the material that it is made from.
Do your heirlooms or special silver pieces need repairing, Polishing or Re-silvering?
Call us for a no obligation free quote.
We also make quirky animal sculptures from antique teapots, milk jugs, sugar basins and cutlery. These sculptures are one of a kind and original - prices start from $399.00 for a gift to delight the discerning but quirky silverware collector! You can phone us to make an appointment to view the examples we have - sculptures can be made to your specifications or preferences.
At a Pepper Street Art Centre Gallery Exhibition - Peter Goers Adelaide Radio Personality and art critic opened the Exhibition and gave a special mention -
"These sculptures are a standout and I love them!"
We can also rejuvenate your cutlery with electric buff polishing.
We will give you an honest appraisal - sometimes your silverware items only need buff polishing or touch plating possibly saving you a lot of
money - see our about us and contact pages for further details.
We polish and repair silver jewellery and we also have a display of silver costume jewellery rings in our workshop that are very reasonably priced from $39.00
Is it time to have your rings polished?
Bring them to life and bring a bit of bling back!